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Capistrano Surfside Inn

Owner Frequently Asked Question's:

As a Capistrano SurfSide Inn Owner, how do I book my Use Week?
You may book a week within your season up to one year in advance of the desired check-in day. To reserve your Use Week, call Grand Pacific Vacation Services at (800) 568-3515 or book on-line at GrandPacificResorts.com/Reserve-Use/.
*Please refer to the Use Week Calendar for call in dates. If Monday falls on a holiday, calls are accepted beginning Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m.

How do I request a specific unit for my Use Week?
You may make a unit request by calling the resort 3 months prior to check in. (Example: If your reservation is for 8/10, you can call us on 5/10.) If the month to call in for your room assignment does not have the day of the month that corresponds with your reservation date, room assignment calls will be taken on the first of the following month. Room assignments are NOT guaranteed. (Example: Your reservation is for May 31, and there are only 28 days in February).

Why can't I make my room request at the same time as when I call to get my week? Why do I have to make two calls each year?

This is done so that the owners have priority (over the exchange guests) for the ocean-view rooms. Some of our owners choose to deposit their week with an Exchange Company so we don't want those reservations deposited with the premier ocean-view rooms. Waiting until 3 months out to do the room assignments ensures that the owners that are actually using their weeks to stay here at the resort get the preferred rooms.

I own a 1BR. Can I trade-in my one bedroom account for a two bedroom account?
No. Owning timeshare is owning a piece of Real Estate. If you wish to own a larger unit, we recommend contacting our resales, Legacy Resort Group, at (800) 940-0068.

Can I send a guest in my place to use my Use Week?
Yes, you can send a friend or family member to Capistrano SurfSide Inn in your place for your Use Week. Simply book your Use Week and fax or mail a letter to the resort with the names, phone number, and address of your guest(s) with your signature. We will change the reservation to their name. Please send this note prior to the arrival date.

Is there an internal exchange program?
Your ownership comes with a complimentary membership with Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX). Expand your vacation horizons to include hundreds of destinations, gift vacations to loved ones without added fees, and enjoy more Time Away…Time Together with Bonus Weeks. You’ll also receive exclusive offers from GPX and the opportunity to “look before you book.” There’s no yearly membership fee, and you can exchange your use week up to a year in advance. Learn more here.

Can I upgrade from a 1BR to a 2BR this year?
Yes, based on availability. To have the best possibility of upgrading to a 2BR is to go through an exchange company. You will trade back into your home resort. An exchange fee and upgrade fee will be required. Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX) allows you to look before you deposit your week. We highly suggest you contact GPX if you are considering exchange. (You can upgrade through the resort but it can only be done within one month of your arrival date. Since there is little unreserved owner space it is not likely a 2BR will be available, especially during the busier summer season.)

How do I get a Bonus Week?
Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX) offers Bonus Weeks. Owners may purchase a Bonus Week without requiring any deposit. For more information visit GPXVacation.com.

What is Bonus Time?
Bonus Time gives you discounted rates at your home resort, perfect for extending your use week by a few days or squeezing in a weekend getaway.
To take advantage of Bonus Time, call us up to 21 days in advance to see if there is any Bonus Time availability at Capistrano SurfSide Inn. If the dates are unavailable, we can add you to a “wait list”.

How does Day Use work?
As an owner, Day Use allows you can use the pool/spa and exercise room at the resort even if you are not staying. You can have as many people in your group total as the unit you own occupies. (One bedroom occupies 4, two bedroom units occupy 6). Just present your photo ID at the front desk and you’re in! Remember to bring your own towels as they are not provided by the resort for Day Use. Day use is not available on holidays.

Do I receive any discounts for nightly stays at other resorts?
Yes! ResorTime is your source for nightly vacation rentals, anytime and anywhere. As an owner of a resort managed by Grand Pacific Resorts, your complimentary ResorTime membership benefit gives you access to exclusive owner-only reduced rates at hundreds of resorts in the most popular destinations. This benefit does not cost you points or weeks, and our travel concierge team is here to assist you with planning. Start exploring at ResorTime.com.

Can you rent my week for me? Is there an Owner Rental Program?
Yes! Grand Pacific Resorts provides a rental service as an owner benefit to those who do not plan on using/banking their use week. Rent it and you’ll receive up to half of the proceeds. Just submit your information here and we’ll take care of the rest. If, for any reason, we’re not able to rent your week you can opt to have your week automatically banked with Grand Pacific Exchange.

Contact Grand Pacific Vacation Services at (800) 831-3027 for more information.

When I call near end of the year, I am told there are no more weeks left. How is that possible? Did you oversell the property?
No, it is not legal to sell more intervals then there are at the property. Your account number ensures inventory was not oversold. The reason there are not any weeks left towards the end of the year is because owners book their week a year in advance. Therefore, reservations booked for 2016 were mostly booked back in 2015. When you wait until the end of the year to book all the weeks are gone and our only option is to give you a week to use with the exchange company.

What is Blue Wednesday?
If after 72 hours an owner has not checked in for their Home Week reservation or called the resort to let them know they will be late, the week is forfeited. Owners can call their home resort to let them know they will be late and the remaining days will be available to the owner. The first few days the owner missed are no longer available to them. This applies to owners once when their Home Week is booked.

How do I request a copy of the CC&R’s?
You can contact Grand Pacific Vacation Services at (888) 477-6967. There is no fee for this service.
Parking: Due to the limited parking available, we only have parking spaces for one vehicle per unit. If you would like to have an additional vehicle parked on site, we have a very limited number of extra spots that are available for $10 a night. Any vehicle parked on our property after 9pm without a permit will be towed at the owners expense. There is local street parking available at no charge, but please observe the street sweeping hours to avoid a ticket.

Are pets welcome at the resort?
No, we do not allow pets anywhere on the property. There is a non-refundable $300 fine for this violation. There also may be additional fines for additional cleaning and damages.

What is the resort smoking policy?
There is no smoking in the units or building. You can smoke on the balcony of your unit, but we kindly request that you close the sliding glass door completely to prevent the onshore breezes from pulling the smoke into your unit, the hallway, and neighboring units.